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Our Profile and Philosophy

OKI DATA is an operating company within the Oki Electric Industry (OKI) Group which has a heritage of pioneering technology in the telecoms and printer manufacturing industry for over 130 years.  OKI Data develops a range of devices including printers, faxes, multifunction products and related printing solutions. Underpinned by OKI’s corporate philosophy of ‘“enterprising spirit” we constantly seek to offer new and unique products and value to our customers across the world.

Core Strengths

OKI DATA’s core strengths include its LED and mechatronics technologies. Since developing the world’s first page printer using an LED light source in 1981, we have led the field in making LED print heads more precise and compact, and, demonstrating our superiority in this area, we have developed and provided truly groundbreaking printers and multifunction printers that have earned a number of awards, as well as the exclusive title of world’s smallest, world’s fastest, world’s first and more.

Value Provided by OKI DATA

LED printers and multifunction printers are characterised by offering high-speed, high-image quality printing in a simpler and more compact form than other print methods.
OKI DATA has long helped its customers increase efficiency and reduce costs - mainly in the area of office printing - with solutions that are built upon our unique hardware products.
And, going forward, we intend to further solidify our strength in hardware while enhancing software offerings and product line-ups to take on the office solutions and professional printing markets.
In the area of office solutions, we will provide printers and multifunction printers that connect to various devices and operate within software and cloud environments to meet contemporary mobile- and cloud-based needs. Our printers serve as business communication hubs to help customers simply and easily increase their efficiency.
In professional printing – the business of printing itself – we help customers create new business opportunities and lucrative revenue streams by offering products which are compatible with colours, media and processes not possible with conventional printers, in addition to offering the highly precise LED output.
To help our customers further increase business efficiency, we will not only provide our highly durable products but will also offer solutions to simplify routine maintenance tasks, saving our customers both time and money.

As a Global Corporate Citizen

OKI DATA is a global company that was founded in Japan but today provides products and services to customers in over 100 countries. 
With pride and awareness of this fact, we actively engage in social contributions and environmental protection, along with ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in each country as well as continuing our efforts as a good corporate citizen to making a positive, global contribution to society and the planet.

Takahiro Mori, President

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