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OKI Group Obtains SBT Certification for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets


Reductions of 42% at company sites and 25% at suppliers and from product use by FY2030

TOKYO, Feb 1, 2024 -- OKI (TOKYO: 6703) has obtained SBT certification for the FY2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set in OKI Environmental Vision, its medium-to-long-term environmental vision, from the international "Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) (*1)" as scientifically valid targets for achieving the 1.5℃ target aimed at by the Paris Agreement. As the company committed to helping resolve social issues in accordance with its key message of "Delivering OK! to your life", OKI seeks to achieve these targets not only at its own sites but also by promoting decarbonization during product use and at its suppliers.

OKI Group greenhouse gas emission reduction targets certified by SBTi

The targets certified by SBTi at this time are the FY2030 targets for preventing global warming under OKI Environmental Vision 2030/2050, the OKI Group's medium-to-long-term environmental vision.

FY2030 targets (compared to FY2020):

  • 42% reduction in CO2 emissions at OKI sites (*2)
  • 25% reduction in CO2 emissions at suppliers (*3) and from product use (*4)
In alignment with its environmental policy, OKI seeks to create a better global environment to pass on to the next generation. As part of its material issues (Materiality) updated alongside the Medium-Term Business Plan 2025, OKI has identified "conservation of the global environment" as one of the areas in which it can help address social issues. At the same time, OKI has upheld the goal of "reducing the environmental impact through business activities" starting with its own sites as one aspect of Materiality. One representative example of decarbonization initiatives at its own sites is the Honjo Plant H1 building (Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture), the first large-scale production facility in Japan to obtain "ZEB" certification. OKI also aims to achieve this goal through technology development such as increased power efficiency during product use, and collaboration with its suppliers.

Explanation of terminology

*1: SBTi
A joint initiative by the WWF, CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), World Resources Institute (WRI), and the United Nations Global Compact. It encourages companies to set reduction targets that are consistent with scientific knowledge, with the aim of limiting the rise in global average temperature due to climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.
*2: SCOPE 1 (CO2 generated by fuel use at company sites, leakage of alternative chlorofluorocarbons in air conditioners, use of company vehicles, etc.) + SCOPE 2 (CO2 generated from electricity use at company sites)
*3: Category 1 of SCOPE 3 (CO2 generated from the manufacture of procured items related to purchased products and services: calculated as procurement cost of raw materials and other materials × CO2 emission factor by item)
*4: Category 11 of SCOPE 3 (CO2 generated by use of sold products: calculated as annual power consumption of the product × estimated useful life × number of units sold × CO2 emission factor of the area of use)

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