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The graphic communications industry is steadily evolving with fewer but more sophisticated players addressing changing market expectations. 

Driving this shift is an increasing demand for smaller print runs, variable content and high output quality. 

At the same time, customers want quick results at competitive prices. 

To increase margins and flexibility, the graphic arts sector needs to find new ways to reduce production costs, streamline processes and create high-value applications. 

Key challenges

  • Businesses are wasting valuable budget on expensive, traditional printing methods. Print service providers frequently turn away potential revenue because short run printing does not generate enough profit and specialised printing processes often have to be outsourced e.g. personalised designs using dark, transparent or transfer media
  • Marketing departments and communication agencies seek service providers that can handle variable data printing(VDP) to help make the most of opportunities by leveraging customer data, to improve customer communications and maximise return on marketing investment (ROMI)
  • Designers and creative teams deliver fantastic, high-impact designs but the final result lacks impact. Existing printers do not come close to reproducing the colour or quality of a final design in creative mock-ups, delaying sign-off and making proofing a challenge
  • Businesses often require print runs of envelopes for direct and personalised marketing campaigns however, producing profitable short print runs is often difficult within an existing commercial printing environment

How OKI can help improve your business

Make light digital production printing profitable

Ideal for both small and large print service providers, OKI Graphic Arts Solutions are perfect for cost effective, Short run digital printing of high quality professional applications that can be reprinted on demand.


From flyers, brochures, leaflets and newsletters to technical manuals and annual reports, versioning and pre and post-production printing is cost effective and removes the need to print large volumes unnecessarily, avoiding waste. 

Improve customer communications and margins with variable data printing

Direct mail is an essential link between a brand and consumer. 

OKI’s advanced printing solutions enable organisations to improve response rates and maximise return on marketing investment (ROMI).  

Convert generic marketing communications into regionalised, localised and personalised materials.

Improve customer retention and turn prospects into customers by combining variable data printing with digital colour for tailored messages, coupons and discounts based on customer insight.

Produce high-quality creative proofs and realistic design mock-ups

High quality mock-ups and content proofs enable organisations to accurately predict what a final printed document or product will look like before the actual press run. 

Using OKI Graphic Arts Solutions, designers, agencies and pre-press departments can provide customers with creative colour proofs, realistic mock-ups and other visuals. 

From page proofs to packaging prototypes and window clings, our flexible, innovative white and clear toner technology prints on a wide range of media up to 360gsm for fast, affordable standout results.

Expand your business with digital short-run envelope printing and accelerate your time to market

Digital printing is ideal for short run envelope requirements of 5,000 and less. 

Print service providers can address this unserved market by printing high-quality short run jobs using digital printers in far less time than traditional methods. 

Add value with variable data printing and provide expanded services such as direct mailing. 

Fulfil unusual and creative designs and generate new sources of revenue using OKI’s advanced printing technology to print on dark envelopes and other flat media with clear or white toner.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Make short print runs affordable, keep control of your budget and profit margins, access lucrative new revenue streams
  • Improve communication, increase response rates, leverage customer intelligence and maximise ROMI with high quality printing solutions and personalised communications
  • Get faster client approval with high quality professional proofs and mock-ups. Take creative designs to the next level and make an impact with the full CMYK colour spectrum plus white and clear gloss
  • Create short-run digital envelopes cost-effectively and tap into a new, underserved market. Expand services by integrating variable information for direct mailing and other tailored customer communications

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