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The modern workplace is continually evolving, with advances in IT accelerating innovation. 

A third of businesses are actively planning for a digital world [IDC 2015]. 

Indeed, many have already implemented efficient document capture workflows and other automated business processes to increase employee productivity and provide secure access to documents, anytime and anywhere, whilst reducing costs.

Key challenges

  • Paper-based processes are too unreliable for multi-site organisations but transforming them into more efficient electronic workflows can be daunting. Slow, manual document processes waste time and increase storage costs
  • Businesses are aware of print security threats but not all have the resources, budget or knowledge to address them. Industry regulations can be complex and difficult to comply with. Capturing and routing documents securely through the network is often challenging
  • Remote working and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trends require businesses to give employees the flexibility to securely print from personal and company-owned smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Monitoring and controlling print devices is time-consuming and challenging. Faults are not easily identified and devices may be out of action when consumables run out, wasting time and budget

How OKI can help improve your business

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Enhance document workflow and management

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Providing the right equipment to convert and integrate paper documents into electronic workflows, OKI’s Office Solutions make it easy for busy offices and workgroups to capture and index documents, extract relevant data and distribute to fax, email, shared network folders, cloud repositories and content management systems. 

The ability to track interactions, edits and versions improves collaboration, response times and approvals. 

Digitising paper documents and saving incoming files into searchable formats (such as PDF/A) saves storage costs and enables long-term archiving of electronic documents. 

Minimise threats with a secure document and print environment

OKI can help organisations to define corporate document and printing policies, proactively monitoring and managing print security. 

User PIN authentication or IC card access, combined with a pull-printing solution can be introduced to manage document accessibility and help to avoid confidential documents being left unattended on printers and MFPs.

Additionally substantial savings are obtained as unnecessary printing is avoided.

The addition of PDF encryption protects documents stored on local or cloud-based servers and ensures best practice and government and industry compliance requirements are met.

 Increase flexibility and keep remote workers productive

Alongside traditional offices, the growing mobile workforce expects fast access to documents, applications and business productivity tools. 

Compatible with mobile devices and cloud applications, OKI’s smart printers and MFPs together with integrated solutions maximise flexibility.


Professionals no longer need to be in the office to share documents. 

Storing and indexing files on a central server or cloud repository gives staff working remotely and across multi-site organisations fast access to print up-to-date and on-demand content from any location, eliminating distribution costs.

Keep print management and budgets under control

Few businesses have the time to monitor avoidable printing or deal with unexpected faults and empty consumables. 

Acting as a vital support to businesses of all sizes, OKI offers efficient device and contract management solutions, providing visibility of printing activity across individual devices and the entire print network.

Automated consumables management, reporting and remote online monitoring help organisations to measure performance, manage devices more efficiently and avoid spending time dealing with faults and ordering new consumables. 

Historical trending reports facilitate accurate forecast costs, enabling businesses to plan ahead.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Improve efficiency and productivity by converting to paperless workflows by scanning and sending documents to multiple locations while improving response times with faster collaboration thanks to centralised and cost effective centralised storage
  • Take control of security, ensure compliance and protect confidential documents
  • Empower your mobile workforce with the capability to print securely from different office and remote locations
  • Monitor and control devices, track usage and save time with automated consumables management, reporting, fault notifications and service alerts  

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