OKI Original Consumables

Are my consumables OKI Original?

Genuine consumables

Why should I use OKI Original Consumables?

To guarantee a long life for your OKI hardware, optimal performance and print quality, you should always buy OKI Original Consumables from an authorised OKI partner.
OKI original consumables
OKI Original Consumables undergo extensive research and rigorous testing to ensure they offer maximum performance, longevity and cost-effectiveness; every consumable is manufactured to OKI’s impeccable standards and exacting specifications.
At best, third-party products which aren’t designed to work with OKI’s devices result in poor print results; at worst, they can actually damage your device. Find out how OKI Original Consumables help protect your hardware.

How to check if your consumables are original

Step 1) Look for the hologram*

OKI original consumables hologram
You can always tell if a product is an OKI Original Consumable by looking for the hologram on the packaging and making sure you can see numbers 18 and 81 in the holographic ‘window’.

Step 2) Check the hologram

OKI original toners
Every OKI Original Consumable has a unique ID plus 3-digit validation code. Our easy online authentication tool shows you how to check your product is an OKI Original Consumable in three simple steps:
*Please note that holograms can be found on OKI Original toners and ribbons only.

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