Driver Installer Generator

The Driver Installer Generator (DIG) can create multiple printer drivers with different IPV addresses in one go.
Drivers are readily available by simply executing the exe file, no specialist IT knowledge is required to use this simple tool.

Characteristics and main features

Create multiple installers simultaneously

Administrators create a csv file and assign a printer driver per line. By fulfilling multiple lines, multiple installers can be created at the same time.

Setup each installer and printer driver name

Administrators can customise the installer name or printer driver name quickly and easily.

Setting up default printers

When installing the driver, administrators can setup a printer as the default, and users can print from a newly installed driver without changing the settings themselves.

Allocate administrator rights

Administrators can allocate administrator rights and passwords via the CSV file.


  • When executing the created installer to install the driver, the printer must be connected to the computer, however, there is no connection required to create the installer. 
  • DIG cannot create an installer with changed initial values of the driver.
  • DIG cannot update drivers.
  • DIG cannot create different types of drivers (such as PCL/PS/Universal PCL) or drivers for different models simultaneously.
Available environment

Windows 10(32/64bit)/Windows 8.1(32/64bit)/Windows 8(32/64bit) /Windows Server 2019 /Windows Server 2016/Windows Server 2012 R2/Windows Server 12

How to download

Please click here to download the Driver Install Generator

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