NFC Setup Tool

This is a tool to setup printer information such as IPv4 address without turning on the printer.
By using the Android smartphone with NFC Setup Tool, users can enter information in the printer’s NFC, and setup items will be reflected when turning the printer on.

Since users can setup information for multiple printers with the smartphone, this tool enables quick printer setting setup even with multiple devices.

1. Download NFC Setup Tool from here (Also available from the QR code)

2. To use the NFC Setup Tool, the Setting Tool Support Book (CSV file) is required to input setup information in addition to the software. To download the Setting Tool Support Book, please click here

* ”NFC Setup Tool” is an application for Android smartphones with NFC capabilities.

Characteristics and main features

Edit multiple printer settings with a computer

Users can edit setup items with a CSV file(*). A maximum of 999 printers can be edited. Users create CSV file with Excel and send it to the smartphone.
*Microsoft Excel is the trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and other countries.

Setup validation

After entering the information, the smartphone can confirm if the printer setup has been successful before moving to the next printer.

Save and print setup items

It is easy to print the set-up result by saving the result as a PDF file or selecting the available printer in advance. Users can also restart the process after confirming the results. Furthermore, the result includes MAC address information of the printer, which makes it easier to check at a later stage if required.


Available setting items are IPv4 address for wired/wireless LAN, subnet mask, default gateway, valid gateway, power save time, paper size of each tray.

Available environment

Android 7.0 and above (with NFC system)

Compatible product


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