Print Plugin

The OKI Print Plug-in app enables your OKI printer to print via an Android™ device. Simply connect to wifi and click the print button in the menu of each application on your Android ™ device.

Operating environment

Android 8.0 or later

Compatible models

B412; B432; B512; B840; C332; C532; C542; C612; C650; C712; C813; C823; C824; C833; C834; C835; C843; C844; MB472; MB492; MB562; MC363; MC563; MC573; MC853; MC873; MC883

How to download

Click the link below to install Print Plug-in app from the Google Play store.

How to print with the Print Plug-in app

1 Tap [ ︙ ] at the top right of the screen
2 Tap [Share]
3 Tap [Print]

4 Tap select a printer
5 Select the printer to print

6 You can change the settings by tapping the down arrow
7 Set the number of copies, paper size, colour / monochrome, single-sided / double-sided, etc. then Tap [Printer icon]
8 Tap [OK]

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