Software & Firmware Updates

Software & Firmware Updates

OKI Europe Limited (“OEL”) believes that it is important to protect your device against any security issue. We will do our best to support you and to promptly respond to cyber threats. This is one of our top priorities. 

OEL releases software and firmware updates as necessary. The updates are not only for security issues, but also include functional improvements. 

Our devices will be supported with security updates at least during the defined support period set out in the statement of compliance of such devices or longer where required by law. In addition, our devices may be supported with updates for up to five (5) years after the product end-of-life.

For the latest software, please go to Drivers & Utilities | Support | OKI Europe Ltd 

For the latest firmware, please go to Firmware | Support | OKI Europe Ltd 

For the non-supported models, please go to DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS | Products | OKI Europe Ltd

For the defined support period of each model, please go to DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS

Such additional support period may vary by device, market or for some other reason.

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